Who we are

We make disposable self-adhesive products

Who we are

We are an Argentinean company with more than 30 years of experience, focused on manufacturing disposable self-adhesive products with high added value for the medical-surgical field, helping to make the treatment of patients safer and more comfortable.

What we do

We manufacture with the highest quality standards and in an efficient way, PSA materials on fabrics, non-wovens, plastics, etc.; the basis of the finished products we commercialise among which are adhesive tapes, eye patches, transparent polyurethane and non-woven dressings. 

As a result of a modernisation plan, the company has state-of-the-art coating and slitting technology. The Quality Control Laboratory is equipped to guarantee the best performance throughout the entire production process.


To manufacture products that assist the medical professional in patient care by seeking:

- Excellence in Quality and Customer Service
- Flexibility in the face of change
- Commitment to the environment


We are committed to being the leading supplier of disposable self-adhesive medical products, always working with flexibility, productivity and quality, allowing us to consolidate our presence in any market globally, based on a culture of continuous improvement, teamwork and responsible attitude.

Commitment to the environment

We care

We strengthen our production processes day by day, achieving high performance through the application of new technologies to maintain low levels of pollution and a high level of waste control in the environment. We want to protect the environment with the quality of our processes and products.