Semipermeable cotton medical tape, uniformly coated with an hypoallergenic, microporous and sensitive under pressure adhesive on one side. Presents a highly rigid inextensible fabric

Recommended for efficient stabilization and rigid immobilization of joint structures. Suitable for bandages requiring high adhesion and strong tension. Provides support and restriction to muscle and joint injuries, as sprains and strains. Ideal for daily training and high demanding sporting activity.

  •  Easy to apply and remove

  • Comfortable, lightweight and breathable

  • Its bidirectional cut allows application without using scissors

  • Easy to apply and remove

  • Ideal for athletes

Measures Q. p/Box   Q. p/Carton
3,8cm x 9m 8 15
5cm x 9m 6 15
5cm x 5m 6 15
Measures Q. p/Box   Q. p/Carton
5cm x 9m 1 24